Preventative Care For Your Rooftop

Preventative Care For Your Rooftop

Your rooftop is an important part of your home that keeps you and your family safe from the elements. Preventative maintenance is a wise investment and crucial factor in the safety and longevity of your home. As you care for your rooftop, here are a few areas where you can provide great care for your roofing.

1) Pay attention to your gutters

Your gutters allow debris, water, and other organic materials to be carried away from your rooftop. Most homeowners aren’t aware of how important the gutter system is to your home and rooftop. Proper installation is key to obtaining the proper slope for draining and the correct angle for free flowing debris. Always hire a trusted and professional roofing technician to check and clean your gutters. Repairs or replacements can be a tricky situation if not done with particular and professional procedures.

2) Take care of your attic

The attic is not always a spacious part of your roofing area, but it is a crucial piece of proper maintenance. This element can become an issue if things like condensation, animal or bug infestations, blocked vents in the ventilation system are ignored. To prevent these issues from arising in your home, which could end up costing you more than you think, here are a few things to care for and be aware of during your routine maintenance checks:

  • Mold
  • Unusually wet/damp insulation
  • Rusting or blackened rings around screws and nails
  • Growth of algae on plywood
  • Problems with higher than normal temperatures in the attic space and overheating
  • Blocked vents (due to dust, boxes, insulation, excessive paint, cobwebs, etc.)

3) Signs and areas of damage

Check areas around the roof that are prone to damage such as areas where the roof goes into the wall, any dormers used, and wherever potential past or present mastic or other less than high quality sealant. Some of the more common leak issues are caused by a missing drip edge. As the weather in your area fluctuates, you may find yourself with a weathering problem as well. This could be categorized as normal wear and tear, but look out for any unusual lumps or punctures within the roofing structure itself.

4) Fix any punctures ASAP

Punctures in your rooftop are not something to put off. When you see a lump or hole in the materials, it usually means there is a much deeper issue that has caused the structure to either shift or become unsecured. This will also bring about leakage into your home due to the interrupted slant of water flow on your rooftop. If you have a chimney, check the cricket, the installation of the counter and step flashing, and the sealant. If any of these areas are not correctly installed, it could cause further trouble with your roofing. There are other areas that need care, such as checking skylights for leaking, ventilation system for cracked or unsealed sections, and the plumbing system for additional leaks, rusted or corroded areas, as well as any evidence of animal or pest tampering. For more information about roof repair, click here.

As you check these areas, you can find out more about your roofing system by getting a consultation with a professional and trusted roofing contractor. It is vital to the health of your home that you get your roofing system checked out by professionals and that you keep up the maintenance wherever necessary. The roofing structure is a key element in your home’s structure and should be taken care of as such. Handling it with care will save you a lot of time, money, and energy in the long run.

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